A candied delicacy


The citron is the fruit of the citron tree, a small tree from Asia. It looks like a large, bumpy lemon with a very thick, bitter yellow rind. It can weigh up to 3 kg. Its green pulp is not very abundant or juicy; it is acidic and full of seeds. It may not be appetising at first glance, but it is succulent once prepared! It is mainly eaten candied, but it is also used to make jams and fruit jellies.

The citron is rich in vitamins A (eyesight, bone growth, skin and mucous membrane health), B1 (growth), B2 (energy production, nervous system function), B3 (brain function, cholesterol regulation, prevention of atherosclerosis) and C (antioxidant properties, protects against diseases, preserves bones). It also contains calcium, copper, phosphorus and manganese.