After a long journey to the other side of the world, the exotic fruit is delivered to one of our six unloading docks for quality control.

We not only check the visual appearance and taste of the products, but also their weight, size, ripeness and sugar content using state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

These daily reports serve several purposes:

Ensuring the consistent quality and reliable traceability of all our products.
Submitting proposals for improvement to our partner suppliers.
Providing our customers with optimal and constant quality, in line with Capexo’s policy of excellence.

Eight ripening plants equipped with the latest ripening technologies are located on our premises.

Experienced ripeners work with mangoes, avocados and ‘frécinette’ bananas to ensure they are perfectly ripe, in accordance with all our customers’ requirements.

This unique know-how places us at the forefront of exotic luxury products, with the development of the “Ready to Enjoy” range from our LILOT FRUITS PREMIUM brand.

Fruit is carefully selected and then rigorously ripened to obtain a unique colour, texture and flavour, as if you were right there.

Capexo’s philosophy is also conveyed visually.

Our repacking station produces parcels with a sleek design, bearing the Lilot Fruits brand logo. We prepare parcels according to our customers’ requirements, complying with health standards and ensuring product traceability.

Automated machines pack the top-quality fruit into attractive trays, ready for you to enjoy.

Lastly, we are developing new projects to minimise both our ecological footprint and our waste.

To preserve the flavour and appearance of our fruit, we have invested in a new 5,300 m2 warehouse.

Four cold rooms are set to precise temperatures and humidity levels to adapt to each product and guarantee that the cold chain is maintained from receiving to shipping.

We also meticulously check all our stocks to monitor changes in our products, which are constantly selected to guarantee their integrity and freshness.

Our warehouse is the cornerstone of our company. To support it, our various departments are in constant contact with one another to keep the supply chain as fluid as possible.

Our site is equipped with new machinery such as forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers to transport goods and guarantee optimal working conditions.

Sales staff, buyers, approvers and preparers work hand in hand to meet our customers’ quality and delivery expectations and to comply with health and safety standards.

This is the final stage at Capexo! Once the pallets have been carefully put together and checked, they are made available on one of our six loading bays.

The customer can then load them or ask us to organise delivery to their site. Thanks to our multiple partner carriers, we are able to ship our products across France.