Kaffir lime

Intensely fragrant


The kaffir lime is native to Indonesia. It belongs to the lemon family. Also known as “makrut lime”, it has thick, bumpy dark-green skin. Its highly fragrant zest makes it a condiment of choice with a refined and powerful flavour when used as a substitute for regular lemon. It can be used grated to flavour ice cream, sorbets and cakes, or thinly sliced to fragrance and decorate fish, salads and cocktails.

It is a good source of vitamin C: in addition to having antioxidant properties, it contributes to the health of bones, teeth and gums, protects against infections and promotes healing. It also contains iron, a mineral essential for the formation of red blood cells. Lastly, it supplies copper, which is used to form haemoglobin and collagen, a protein involved in tissue structure and repair.