An outstanding exotic fruit


The mangosteen is native to South-East Asia. This round fruit, the size of a golf ball, is purplish. Its rind is thick and its flesh is divided into 4 to 8 quarters. Its pearly white pulp is very juicy, tender and velvety, like a peach. Its smooth flavour is evocative of pineapple and raspberry. It is considered the ultimate exotic fruit and can be peeled and then eaten plain. It is also delicious in fruit salads and cocktails.

The mangosteen supplies 5 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of fruit. It also contains vitamin B3 (niacin) which promotes proper brain function, regulates cholesterol by lowering blood lipid levels and prevents atherosclerosis by preserving artery tissue integrity. Furthermore, it is a very good source of potassium (135 mg per 100 g), which is beneficial for cardiovascular health.