Tender and tasty

The yam is a tuber that can weigh up to 15 kg. It can be elongated or rounded and has thin, ochre-brown skin. Its flesh is white and mealy and its flavour is subtle – slightly less sweet than that of a sweet potato. It can be used instead of potatoes or sweet potatoes: it is ideal mashed or stir-fried to accompany meat, fish or poultry. Before using it, you should peel it in lemon water to prevent it from turning black.

The yam has high nutritional value: it is a source of carbohydrates, proteins, various vitamins (C which has antioxidant properties, B1 which promotes growth, B6 which contributes to the production of red blood cells and neurotransmitters, chemical messengers), and minerals (potassium, manganese, copper, phosphorus).