A fruit for all tastes


There are 3 main species of persimmons, all originating from Asia:

The lotus persimmon, which is round and has smooth, orange skin, should be eaten when very ripe; its texture is reminiscent of apricot-flavoured jelly,

The fuyu persimmon has a mild flavour with subtle vanilla notes; it is flatter and can be bitten into like an apple,

The sharon persimmon looks like a fuyu persimmon but has small brown spots; it can also be eaten like an apple.

All are delicious in compotes, creams, mousses and cakes.

The persimmon provides a lot of energy (66 kcal/100 g). It supplies a beneficial quantity of vitamin C and is very rich in carotenes and lycopene which give it its orange colour. These pigments are antioxidants: they protect the cardiovascular system and prevent the development of certain cancers. Lastly, it supplies a significant amount of potassium and fibre, which together stimulate intestinal transit.